Barking for a dog is like a voice for us. This is a means of communication with the world around them.

Through barking, dogs express emotions, attract attention, and warn of danger.

Some dogs bark more, others less, and others hardly bark. The severity of barking may vary by breed.

Problems begin when a dog barks all day, literally long, „for no reason“, at any time.

What is the reason for this behaviour, and how to deal with it?

Reasons for the „unreasonable“ barking of a dog Fear and Frequent stress barking can result from a stressed dog. If she does not feel safe, if something is alarming to her, barking helps to relieve tension and relieve the nervous system.

What to do?

Focus on working out commands and work with obedience. When the dog barks, you must make it clear that you heard it. After all, it signals the approach of an „alien“ and expects a reaction from you.

If you ignore your pet, it can get carried away and get very excited, making it more difficult to calm the dog down. You can pat the dog behind the ear and quickly turn its attention, for example, to play. The most useful natural self-soothing mechanism for dogs is gnawing!

When a dog chews on something, it performs mechanical motor actions that distract it and redirect emotional stress into physical activity. In addition, the dog’s body produces a hormone that helps calm the nervous system.

It is essential to teach your dog to chew on the „right“ things, not your shoes. It is worth offering her different versions of toys for independent play – intelligent toys with a tasty filling, durable toys of various textures, degrees of rigidity and elasticity (for example, made of natural rubber), which allow the dog to get a variety of sensations when chewing. Safe and varied toys are great helpers in calming an anxious dog.

Boredom and loneliness Sometimes, barking is a response to loneliness and boredom.

For many dogs, loneliness is destructive. It is challenging for them to stay in the company of themselves from day to day.

What to do?

Attempts to attract attention.

It’s no secret that dogs love attention.

If your pet lacks communication with you, it can provoke you to bark.

In this case, it doesn’t matter how you react. Even if this adverse reaction, the dog will achieve its goal: the owner paid attention to me, hurray.

Young children behave similarly. Think about childish tantrums – the principle is the same.

What to do?

You will have to show miracles of endurance and not react to the dog’s harassment. While your pet is barking, defiantly ignore it. Go about your business, do not cross your eyes with the dog.

If possible, leave your dog alone indoors until he stops barking. Your task is to let the dog know that by barking, it will not achieve what it wants.

Be consistent. If you react violently, the dog will learn that it is doing the right thing. There is barking – there is a reaction from the owner, in parallel with setting an example of calmness and not reacting to the provocations of the dog.

After all, a dog requires attention, looking for an outlet for its energy, and this cannot be ignored. Exercise and regular play with mental challenges will allow the dog to meet its basic needs for activity and fatigue.

Spoiledness „Unreasonable“ barking can result from mistakes in upbringing. Spoiled dogs may voice their voices when they feel the slightest inconvenience or want something right now. Barking for them is a reliable way to attract the owners‘ attention and get what they want anytime.

What to do?

Do not succumb to the provocations of the dog. Practice obedience. To correct mistakes in upbringing, consult a dog handler. If this is your case, then most likely, your dog already has a steadfastly formed habit of behaving in this way, and it will be difficult to retrain it without the help of a specialist.

Loud dogs should be regularly rewarded for their silence. When the dog obeys and stops barking at your command, remember to praise and treat him with a treat.