Obesity provokes the development of serious diseases, many of which (for example, heart failure and diabetes) are irreversible. Now add to this the problems with the joints and the spine, from which almost all overweight animals suffer!

The only caveat:

An overweight dog must first be brought to an appointment with a veterinarian. He will examine her, if necessary, carry out tests, prescribe a special diet and give recommendations for physical activity. A well-chosen diet is a critical component of the fight against excess weight. Diets for overweight dogs (such as Monge Vetsolution Obesity) work to improve metabolism, reduce weight, maintain optimal physical fitness and strengthen immunity.

It is crucial to strictly follow the veterinarian’s recommendations and observe the feeding rate to achieve the result. Additional complementary foods and even more „delicacies“ from the table are unacceptable in the diet!

The intensity of exercise is different for each dog.

For example, the life of a border collie is unthinkable without jogging, jumping and passing obstacles, and jumping from high surfaces is contraindicated for dachshunds. The veterinarian will tell you how intense the load should be and what exercises will be helpful specifically for your dog.

But one rule applies to everyone: you should increase physical activity gradually. Soberly assess the capabilities and health of your dog.