Increased Stress caused by the dynamism of modern cities 44% of dogs live in cities with many sources of Stress (pollution, traffic, new surroundings, harsh noises).

Stress has been shown to negatively affect the immune system of animals.

The reasons for this are hormones released during Stress negatively affect the immune system.

If this happens all the time, chemical processes occur in the blood, leading to an unfavourable distribution of blood cells. This can lead to an imbalance in the immune system and, as a result, to illness.

The hard life for dogs these days in the city is that dogs have begun to travel a lot, the pharmaceutical industry for dogs is developed and the use of large amounts of antibiotics in food and treatment.

As a result, almost every second dog has food allergies and dysbiosis. And you will never know where they came from. Some people have dogs as a toy and try to have these dogs follow them in their lifestyle.

Previously, dogs did not fly on airplanes or travel on trains, did not live in dog hotels, did not go to haircuts or everything else.

This is a massive stress for dogs.

They live under this enormous Stress all the time without being able to maintain their immunity.

A stressful situation and the use of antibiotics lead to dysbiosis.

A stressful situation and the use of antibiotics lead to dysbiosis. And it is expressed in one of two:

Plus, all the doggy activities: parks, hotels and more.

Previously, dogs did not encounter so many foreign bacteria and animals. They lived in the village and enjoyed life, ran and ate grass.

And here, while she goes to the park, she picks up various bacteria and everything else from other dogs.

Why does your dog need PawPro?

Since it contains the probiotic Bacillus Subtilis, which, entering the intestines, normalizes the microbial balance, suppressing pathogenic microorganisms and restoring the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microflora.

And the Bacillus Subtilis PawPro probiotic supplement is formulated to protect and restore the health of stressed dogs.

The drug soothes the stomach and thus calms the dog down, and it starts eating.