The dog’s stubborn efforts to climb onto the master’s bed often turn into a problem. However, with the right approach, it is effortless to solve.

Take note of our helpful tips!

Don’t bed-train your dog. Many problems are more accessible to prevent than fix. This is true in our case as well.

From the first days of the dog’s appearance in the house, accustom it to the couch and, in no case, take it with you to the bed.

After all, if today you decided to „pamper“ your pet a little and gave him a place on your pillow, then jump on the bed tomorrow, he sincerely will not understand why you are unhappy. Remember, the most effective way to wean your dog from jumping on a bed or other furniture is not to teach him to do so in the first place.

Get the perfect mattress. Offer your pet a decent alternative to the bed – a couch on which he will be warm and comfortable. To achieve the effect, the bed must be made of good material and ideally fit the dog in size and shape.

It is essential to arrange a place in a quiet part of the apartment, without high traffic and drafts. In our blog, you can read more about why a dog needs a bed and how to choose a suitable model.

Distracted your dog with toys and treats.

Offer him unique toys and tricky treats to distract your pet from the owner’s bed. For more effect, lay them directly on the couch. In this way, the dog will develop pleasant associations with its place and get used to it.

Place your item on the bed. Another plus for the close association with a couch.

Many dogs jump on the bed not because they feel comfortable there but because they miss their beloved owners, and the bed retains their smell.

If your pet is often alone, put something of your own (for example, a T-shirt) on his bed – this way, your faithful four-legged friend will be less lonely in your absence.

Teach the dog the command „No!“ When you see that the dog is about to jump onto the bed, clearly give its nickname and command, „No!“ If your pet does not respond well to voice commands, reinforce the „no“ with a treat or toy. Your main goal at this stage is to get the dog’s attention and prevent it from jumping onto the bed.

Continue to educate and train so that in the future, your pet will follow commands without additional incentives (in the form of treats, etc.).

Limit access to the bed. Close the bedroom door is the most effective way to keep your dog from jumping onto the bed. The bottom line is that the pet, not seeing the bed and not feeling the temptation to jump on it after a while, will completely forget about it.

And don’t fall for provocations! The dog may whine plaintively outside the door and ask you to. Yes, especially at night. Your task is to bravely withstand the onslaught (which can last for several days) and completely ignore such behaviour. Only then will the dog understand that its measures are useless and will sleep sweetly on its bed. But if you can’t resist and open the door or even shout at the dog – be sure the quest is lost! After getting your attention (not so significant, positive or negative), the pet will conclude that his plaintive behaviour worked and will resort to it in the future. Evoke unpleasant associations with a bed. Remember, above, how important it is to instil in your dog pleasant associations with a bed? The same thing, just the opposite, needs to be done with your bed. In a word, the pet must make sure that the master’s bed is entirely unpleasant.

What needs to be done about this?

For example, cover the bed with oilcloth and rustling newspapers or bags. Yes, all this could be more convenient, but it is effective. Having jumped on the „prepared“ bed several times and not experienced the most pleasant sensations from this, the dog will soon abandon his venture, and there will be no more need for rustling structures.